When people think of global food and wine capitals, they think of places like Paris with its haute cuisine and Tokyo with its sushi master chefs. But people don’t realise that Lorne too is a city of amazing food and superb wines. Lorne food culture is unique because so much of our cooking is based on global recipes, yet we add our own Australian spin to everything. While sightseeing along the great ocean road, one of the best way to get to know the area is through the food.

For example, us Aussies will take things like Italian parmigiana and corrupt it into a chicken schnitzel dressed with tomato sauce, ham and cheese. We do pizzas differently too, with gourmet ingredients, and toppings that sometimes get weird and wacky, like nachos or cheeseburgers. In fine dining establishments, modern Australian cuisine draws from the cooking in south east Asia, with the use of fresh veggies and herbs. You’ll see recipes taken from all over the world enlivened with the freshness popular among our neighbouring countries like Thailand and Vietnam. Whether you’re having a cheeseburger flavoured pizza at the “pub” or enjoying a fresh “mod oz” take on Lebanese barbecue.

Melbourne food is truly unique, it’s many award winning wineries are definitely worth exploring on a sunny weekend. Great Ocean Road tours are great because you’ll get to explore parts of Victoria and surrounding landscape while enjoying a tasty drop.

You’ll find more flavours of gelato than you can possibly imagine along Lorne beach. There is also a great mixture of award winning restaurants in Lorne hotels that add a dash of style to traditional pub meals.

A trip to Lorne is the perfect destination to get to know Melbourne’s best beach scene. Enjoy sumptuous cocktails on long sandy beaches and most amazing seafood in your luxury private accommodation in Lorne. There really isn’t a better way to get to know a place than through the food.