I think we might have found a place to holiday for a few months. Port Douglas is a beautiful place to soak up the sun.

To think, after all these years we’ve never been here. I suppose we were saving to come here in the first place. In any case, we can afford to spend quite a bit of time here. We reunited Lacey with her family, and Port Douglas has everything we need. I shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a supermarket, but I will be anyway.

For the first time on the trip, we’ve moved out of the RVs for a bit and into a hotel. It’s quite close to the beach and the shops, so the ladies are brimming with excitement at hitting the shops and Reggie is already looking into hiring a speedboat and going for a cruise. As for me, I’d rather just lounge in the shade by the pool. Yep, it’s time for the overly-loud Hawaiian shirt to make an appearance. The perfect thing for lounging by the pool and tucking into a good book, courtesy of the local cafe bookshop.

Every time I glance at the pool fences, I’m reminded our our friend who does inspections of Melbourne residential pool fencing. She took up the job because she almost drowned when she was younger, and she’s been mad for making pool fences safer ever since. We’ve never even had a pool, but every time we invite her around for dinner she spends the whole time telling us about the latest in pool fence technology (more tightly-spaced bars?) and how if we ever got a pool we should go with glass, because it’s by far the strongest and safest material for many, many reasons. She was a woman who was devoted to her job. I have to respect that.

Anyway, that’s why I can’t look at a pool fence without hearing her voice in my head, especially a stylish glass pool fence. We’ll never get a pool- the ones in Port Douglas will do for the time being- but if we do, it’ll have to come with a good fence.