It is I, Georgina Glass. Melbourne is definitely one of the more fascinating cities I’ve ever been to…and it’s not because of its baroque architecture, or great statues of important people, or countless museums dedicated to the place and its history. All things considered, Melbourne is a rather young city, except it has this special vibe to it. Like…it’s one of those young people who speaks like they’re 600 years old, but doesn’t do so in a pretentious way. Most of the time. There’s still ENOUGH pretension, but a lot of what I can only describe as new old-world charm.


Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I was doing some lip fillers the other day for a lady who said that designer lighting for Melbourne homes was one of its most thriving hidden gems. I get all sorts in my line of work- lines of work, even- but I listened with some interest. Of course, our salon does its very best to stay ahead of the game, and that includes some very chic lighting. That’s just salon protocol, I’m pretty sure. If you can’t make your own place look stylish, then how can you expect people to come in and walk out looking the same?


Anyway, this lady pointed at one of our designer lamps and said it was one of theirs. Then she left us with a magazine full of lighting options, which I had at least a flick through.

See, other cities might just look at their gargoyle statues, or ornately crafted lanterns, or…nice bridges, and not feel like they have to try. Whereas you have Melbourne, a commercial LED lighting industry thriving because they look at something as simple as a lamp and thin that it could be better or more stylish. Bridges are nice, statues are interesting, and I love a good museum. But ordinary bits of style in people’s homes? That’s something I could get on board with, for sure.