I’ve just realised that I’ve been cruising this pinboard app for nearly two hours. It’s amazing how absorbed one can get in salivating over professionally styled home offices – all matching rose gold desk accessories and perfectly filed, calligraphic notes in chic, wall-mounted organisers. Then there’s the boho-luxe sheepskin throws and framed motivational prints, not to mention a notable absence of junk piled up on the floor.

 These images of luxury workspaces are, as I said, professionally styled for photographic editorials, and probably aren’t even real. That said, there are a lot of halfway usable ideas in the mix, and I guess that’s why I’ve gotten so sucked in. Since I moved to Melbourne, office design ideas have been flowing thick and fast. Now that I’ve got some scheduled time off coming up, I might finally find the time to implement some of them. My space has good bones – big windows, lots of natural light, well-appointed power points and a clean, open, breezy feel.

 So it’s really the finer points that I’m most concerned with, and the notion of shopping around for state-of-the-art office furnishings is quite exciting. I’ve never actually done it before, generally just piecing together an arrangement with whatever I could get my hands on cheaply. But now that business is picking up, I can afford to shell out on some furniture and accessories to fill the blank slate of this dreamy office fitout. Melbourne, tell me your recommendations. Where should I start?

 Storage solutions could be a good place to kick off from, given my problem with junk piling up on the floor. I mean, it’s not technically junk – it’s stuff I use in my work that doesn’t have a specific place to live. The other thing I’m keen to do is make the space feel more on-brand with the work I’m doing in it. Working alone can be a challenge, not least when it comes to motivating yourself to stay on task, and aesthetically capturing my brand through well-chosen finishings might help with that.

 Then again, maybe I just want to shop for rose gold desk accessories and motivational prints.