I can’t believe it’s the middle of November and I haven’t got the tree up yet. Inconceivable! Irreplaceable! Other words that I don’t strictly know the meaning of!

I’m ALWAYS ready early for Christmas, more so than anyone else on my street, but things have just been so hectic that I’m sure Mrs Roberto is out there now, hanging up the tinsel and snickering under her breath at the thought of finally beating me one year out of…what, like, twenty? Oh, she can have it. Mrs Roberto does nothing except stomp around her front garden and complain that the mushrooms are early this year, every year. Yesterday I was driving all the way over to the east of the city for a car service. Glen Iris isn’t all that far and I’d rather go with a mechanic that I know I can trust. I think a piece of my engine may have…well, fallen off. I was terribly worried about driving there as well. If I got stranded then I’d be stuck on a freeway somewhere, probably blocking traffic and wasting even more time.

So that was a whole day gone. The day before that was sorting out the whole tax situation, and the day before that was when I was looking around for car servicing recommendations, at the end of which Daniel just looked inside the hood and said that it looked like there had been an explosion of something important. That was helpful, but I was already reeling from having to set up that trampoline for that guys kid the day before, and those recommendations on the box of finishing it in 1-2 hours were a lie.

And then there’s just been a ton of staying late at work. So that eliminated most of the middle of November, leaving me with no time to put the decorations up.

Maybe I should just do it in December like most people. And maybe there’s a mechanic in Armadale so I don’t have to travel quite so far, like a normal person who lets local mechanics handle their car problems.

Maybe I just need to be less busy.