Alberta Eats isn’t the catchiest name for a business, but I’m glad we booked her. She just trundled along in this little van, pulled up at the field where we were having the reception and, I can only assume, was cooking from the early hours up until we had our outdoor meal. I wouldn’t know…I booked it all, but we were at the ceremony.

And it was lovely, but the poor girl looked like she was about to expire. So I did something I don’t usually do…I sidled up to the van right before she drove off and found her almost in tears in the driver’s seat. My compliments to the chef seemed to cheer her up, but not quite as much as my interest in investing in her business. I mean, a caterer without so much as a commercial steamer, creating a lovely feast like that? The girl has talent, certainly. She has drive and perseverance, and that’s what I like in my business partners.

I told her to take my investment and come back with a proper catering van, stocked to the gills with commercial kitchen equipment. Wok burners, steamers, grills, the whole lot. Oh, and I also mentioned off-hand that the business name was due for an upgrade. She must think all her Christmases have come at once…or, I hope she does.

Of course, while it’s nice to help, this is business. I see someone who can make me some money with her talent, and I pounce on the opportunity. But I do hope Alberta sees what this could become, and uses the money well. I even sent her a few tips on how to properly shop for commercial grills and other kitchen equipment. It’s not my first time sponsoring a catering company, although it is my first time making an offer so quickly. Sometimes you just see a person, their work ethic, their success in their chosen field, and you know. They were also marvellous dumplings.

-J. L. Prince