These people, and their reliance on the silliest technology. My friends would tell me not to judge their way of life, but I’ve always been terribly judgemental; it’s a fundamental part of who I am. It is why I was called Brother John. I see everything, and I go through life with a judgemental expression on my face, like the pigeon.

Goodness, machines to cool the air? I would be impressed, if I wasn’t confused. Certainly, at least here in Brisbane, it is hotter than in the mountains of my home country. Perhaps I’ll allow some concession for people having air conditioning installed in Brisbane, of all places, for it is now summer and the humidity is unlike anything I have yet experienced hiking across Australia. And yet, one could live without it, as they did in days of old. Perhaps that makes it a luxury, unless one is elderly or ill.

But I have been watching, as I do, as people enter the supermarkets and the cafes, watching their expressions of relief as they walk into the wall of ice provided by these machines. It feels rather unnatural, much like walking through a waterfall, except the proceeds of the waterfall are coming from a white box on the wall. And they are simply air.

Brother Tiger Sun would scold me for my attitude, but he has lived here for so long, and he has done so from one of the coolest places in Australia. Perhaps he is the one who should know better, having air conditioning installed in his dojo for the benefit those other than himself. I will suspend my judgement for air conditioning services, Brisbane is extremely hot in Summer after all. Here and to the north, I will accept that is is somewhat necessary. But otherwise, I think it’s time everyone learned to simply accept the weather as it is.