I like to build stuff when I’m bored. Which is often, especially these days. I’ve been locked in my house for four days now and I’ve built a bedside table, a bed frame and a coffee table. By the time I’m able to leave my house again, I’ll have made enough furniture to refurbish my entire apartment. I’m so glad that I made a quick stop at the hardware store in Bentleigh before I committed myself to weeks at home. Otherwise, I would be bored out of my mind. 

Even just writing about building stuff instead of building stuff is making me bored. I just want to build something. Unfortunately, though I’m running out of materials to build with. Just like I’m running out of things to say at the moment. I wonder if my diminishing number of timber supplies goes hand in hand with my inability to think. Is my wellbeing so wrapped up in the ability to make things whenever I want that if I don’t have that ability then I can’t function?

I’m going to have to ask someone to go to the hardware store and get me some timber supplies. Cheltenham isn’t that far from where I live so surely it can’t be that much of an inconvenience for someone to go pick up timber for me, maybe a few nuts and bolts too so that I have spares, and drop them to my house. The people that love me would want me to survive whilst I’m locked in my house, so I’m sure they’ll do this for me.

I might start writing a shopping list so that whoever helps me knows exactly what to get. I wouldn’t want them to wander around the hardware store aimlessly looking for these things that they’ve never heard of. That’s why I’m writing the exact brand name and which aisle it can be found in. I’ve also written down the names of my favourite shop assistants in case they need help.