I’ve got a callback! I’m so happy to say that I’ll be featuring in my second corporate advertisement which is for the client of the video production company I worked with a few months ago. I’m an actress and so I have to audition for roles with production agencies which is always stressful, but I didn’t have to audition for this one because they know me and my skills really well. I’ve got the lead part in the ad again and the shoot starts next week. 

The aim of this ad is to improve the client’s marketing. Video production is apparently a really good way to gain leads for clients, plus build brand awareness and make clients seem more trustworthy. I did some research on marketing video production once I was told that was the reason for the job. I wanted to make a good impression on the production agency again and I thought by increasing my marketing knowledge I’d be able to do that and I was right. In fact, they were really impressed with my initiative and said they don’t usually get this level of service from actors. I’ll admit, I was quietly blushing. I want to succeed in my career and I’m really happy that people are noticing my efforts.

I wonder if I can somehow set up a permanent retainer with the video production company. Melbourne is a very competitive city for people in my industry and it’s hard to break the glass ceiling in a lot of instances. By setting myself up as their go-to actress for any online or T.V advertisements they may be doing, I’d be doing a really good job of breaking down barriers.

I’m not sure if they would take me on permanently based on budgets, timelines and whatnot. I’m not the best at the business side of things, I’m just very good at networking with people.