Finding the right way to cool my home gave me an idea on how to cool the buildings in head office. There has always been a problem with cooling during the summer months. Since we travel a lot, it’s sometimes that is hard to justify spending the money to fix. Air con isn’t used absolutely all year round. I think I have found a way around that, and I got the idea when I had to fix my own cooling system.

It was getting into the height of summer, and as expected, it was starting to get hot. I had my air conditioner blasting from the moment I got home from work. I would even sleep with it on all night because it was way too hot without it. This, as you can probably guess, led to it overheating (ironic for an air conditioner) and breaking down. I was super annoyed, as you can probably also imagine, but I didn’t let it get to me. I tried, for four days, to suffer through it and not call the air conditioner repairs company in Canberra. This failed miserably on day four when I almost passed out from heat exhaustion. My next door neighbour found me outside passed out under a tree in my swimwear.  After that embarrassing incident, I caved in and made the call.

If I was going to have to get the air conditioner fixed, I was going to do it right. I called up the best air conditioning company Canberra has to offer. After having done extensive research into the local industry, I found the most reputable place and gave them a call. The very next day I was able to sit back in my lounge chair and relax for the first time in a long time, finally cool again.

Ever since then, I knew just the people to perform the air conditioner repairs at head office. They had done such an amazing job on my home’s cooling system, I knew they could be trusted to get the office back on track.