I dunno, like, bugs are scary. I don’t really get how people might NOT think bugs are scary. Sometimes in my idle internet surfing I’ll come across a close-up picture of a bug, or a spider, or even something stupid like a fly, and it looks like a total nightmare. A FLY. Those things are absolutely EVERYWHERE. And they still look just the worst up close. All…eyes, and weirdly hairy legs. Nothing natural about them at all.

And that is why I get monthly pest control. Berwick is pretty good for that sort of thing, which is really fortunate because it’s borderline country and you never know what big hairy something is lurking behind the bins. I know, most people wouldn’t really go quite this far…but I’m not most people. Actually, most people would do the same thing with getting a cleaner in, which is…almost there. Obviously having a clean house is right next to not having any invasive pests, since filth invites filth. Look at me, using big words and complicated language.

But yeah, so, stuff. I haven’t seen so much as an ant in about six months, even since I got the local pest controllers in. They don’t even have to spend much time here, since it;s usually just a quick do-over and they’re gone. I keep the place clean, I sweep the corners, lift up the bins, don’t bring any damp wood into the house…I think I’m pretty well covered.

This all stems from ‘the incident’. Took the bins down to the driveway one night…wasn’t looking in the dark…felt a weight on my hand…and there was the biggest huntsman you’ve ever seen, perched right there, ON me. Big eyes and everything.

So I decided…no more pests. Not ever again. I’ll reel in pest control professional based in Rosebud and beyond if I have to; my home is not a bastion for those things.