Ugh, some boys are so entitled and gross. I don’t want to say all boys but definitely a lot of them. You should’ve spoken to this guy I met on the weekend. He was pretty attractive and so when he came up to me at the bar I was happy to have a chat. And that’s where it ended. As soon as he opened his mouth I was instantly confused by him. He kept asking me about my job and talking about the half canopy he got on his car. I don’t even know what a half canopy is and by the way, he was talking it was as if the half canopy was supposed to be some pickup line that was guaranteed to sweep me off my feet. Consider my feet firmly cemented on the ground. He was an odd fellow. 

The sad thing is I would’ve probably liked him if he didn’t start talking to me like some idiot. He didn’t ask me any questions about myself, instead only asking if I found it cool that he was an apprentice carpenter. If I had found it attractive, I definitely didn’t once he asked me if I did. I just wanted to get out of the conversation but I didn’t know where my friends were and so I just stayed with him.

I knew he wasn’t a threat at all and that’s really all that matters in the end, but goodness, I was so sick of talking about his newly installed aluminium ute toolbox. Melbourne is the place to be if you want to earn good money working in a trade or so I’m told. I learned from this guy, that there aren’t many good people who install ute toolboxes. Apparently, the people that installed his toolbox were the best in the business. He was pretty happy about it, so at least that was nice. But to be honest, the last thing I want to talk about on my night out is ute toolboxes with some random guy.