Here’s an ultra-basic icebreaker for your next youth group/bible study/summer camp/campfire meditation session: which superpower would you have and why?

Sounds really simple, and really overdone, but it’s absolutely THE best question you can ask, hands-down. Everyone has a unique answer, because everyone has thought about it, and you’ll get the discussion going in no time. Personally, I pick flight, because it’s objectively the best. You can finally soar through the clouds and smack birds on their stupid bird heads, because they’ve mocked us with their powers of flight for too long. Although electricity seems to be a popular one, because shooting lightning is cool, I guess.

Eh. Just become an electrician. For a while I was aiming to become best electrician Cheltenham has ever known, even though I never went through with it. I can attest that a few times I came close to shooting lightning, but that wasn’t intentional; I was just really bad at the job. Transformers are really not something anyone should be playing around with, and not really something apprentices should be working on anyway, but it was a different time…three years ago. Okay, the firm I was working for doesn’t exist any more, because health and safety shut them down. There was a bit of a crackdown when I was trying to get my qualifications, and suddenly it was all OH&S. Every single electrician company now has to wear all the gear, all the time, record every job they complete, make sure they account for every safety rule…it’s a lot stricter than it used to be.

Anyway, after the guy I was apprenticed to was banned from the business, I sort of drifted away and got into youth work instead. Sometimes you just know you’re meant for something else, instead of dealing in residential electricial maintenance. Usually at the point where you realise you were taught completely wrong.