I wasn’t supposed to end up in Puerto Rico for two weeks, but I like to think I made the best of a bad situation. The truly amazing thing is how none of the flight attendants told me I was on the wrong flight, and how they all apparently just looked at my ticket and saw nothing but a seat number (which happened to be free). I guess the reviews really were true: Budget Airlines really do put budget over everything else.

I spent a lot of time in my hastily-acquired hotel room, trying to understand Puerto Rican television. All in all, it’s quite different to Australian television…obviously. There’s a game show where people have to…find their dream home? But they have to dash around the streets getting pelted with fruit. It sort of reminds me of what buyers advocates do in Melbourne, except with a lot more pressure, from the camera, and also the fruit. People seem to spend a lot of time outside, so maybe that’s why buyers advocates in this particular country have to appear on television to make ends meet. I bet they also take pool filter installation and sun cream very seriously. And then you have Melbourne, where you HAVE to sort out your dream home, because at any point you could be forced inside by rain, or gale-force winds, and you’re doomed to spend the rest of the day inside. That’s what I do when I’m at home, anyway, hence why it was my go-to here. In Puerto Rico.

People here seem very content with life, I’ve noticed. Things move a bit slower, and they’re more in touch with their culture. I’m guessing all this, because most of what I can see is just the movement of people out the window, and people doing room cleaning, and the guy at the front desk. Very casual. Very cultural.

And here’s me, just sitting in my very humid room, trying to find that one channel with the weird game show about property advocacy, but not. I know seeing real estate professionals paraded around the street, being pelted with produce and smacked with wooden paddles, isn’t exactly the best television, but it really does make me appreciate the quality services we have in Melbourne. Property advocates back there are the kings and queens of the industry, or so I’m told.

Man, I’m never complaining about Melbourne professionals ever again.