Weddings are a really big deal where I’m from. They take months and months of preparation, there’s attention given to the minutest detail and everything has to go perfectly. Not only that, but weddings have to be big. Thankfully I have my parents and my fiance’s parents to help us, because we could never have done it on our own. Even with all of the support that we’re blessed with, I still feel like I’m drowning.

Mum said I should focus on preparing myself for the big day, both physically and emotionally. That includes everything from working out at the gym to getting beauty therapy like cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Melbourne clinicians do a lot of work with brides-to-be, so they know what we’re after and what we need. In my case, I didn’t realise that I needed cosmetic tattooing until my friend pointed out that my brows were getting a bit thin. Even though the hairs are dark and thick, my eyebrows have always been sparse, which makes them look slightly patchy. The work I had done to fill in my eyebrows worked wonders. I no longer have to spend the time in the mornings filling my brows in.

My reason for going was originally to get laser hair removal. Melbourne clinics are starting to offer this treatment at an affordable price compared to what it used to be. With this treatment out of the way, I won’t have to worry too much about self-maintenance in the lead up to the wedding, and the semi permanence of the treatment means I get hair free legs for a long time after too!

I’ve also taken up yoga to get my body nice and slender for the wedding, and also meditation to give me peace of mind. Everything’s pretty dreamy now, but I know that as soon as we move in together things are going to change. We’ll probably drive each other up the wall for the first year. I will need to harness the power of zen to get through it. After all, who knows what annoying habits he secretly harbours. He might like pineapple on pizza, yikes.