Who needs the gym when you have kids? Am I right? I’ve got the trifecta of a 7 year old and 3 year old twins. The toddlers are going through a stage of always wanting to be picked up, even though they can manage well enough on their feet to go dashing off at random intervals. Big bro, for his part, is forever in need of a footy companion, even when he’s been at it all day with his mates.

Not that I’m complaining – like I said, who needs to do designated exercise sessions when you’re literally running around all day, lifting and pushing and kicking and catching? Still, sometimes I wouldn’t mind these actions being more controlled. I’ve had this twinge in my shoulder for about six months now, which Malcolm reckons is to do with how I lift the bikes onto the roof racks. I reckon it’s just caused by life in general.

Maybe I should see someone for advice on my trunk alignment… not that I have much space in my schedule to be fitting in an appointment, but I’m sure it can happen if it has to. What’s the best local physio clinic, Hampton seems to have a lot of these types of clinics so they must be in high demand. I’ve never been to one before, or to any allied health practitioner for that matter.

It’s possible that all I need is trip to a remedial massage clinic. Sandringham used to have a really good one, or so I’ve heard – my sister was always going on about it before she moved out west. There are other options, too. Myotherapy, dry needling, cupping, clinical Pilates… the possibilities are endless. Surely one of them can sort out my shoulder situation.

Going one better than that, I’d love to get some insight into how to galvanise my body to withstand all this hectic action I’m currently subjecting it to. It’s basically the most pressure my physical body’s been under ever, and it’s not showing signs of letting up any time soon. On the plus side, I wouldn’t have it any other way!