Many have been whispering about my contributions to the group. They say my skills in boating are not necessary, and that I should be relegated to the Earth liaison team.

Well, at the special hearing tomorrow, I’m going to argue my case fiercely enough. They will see my passion, both for the cause and for the wonderful place boating will take in the new lunar kingdom.

In many cases, space has been compared to the ocean. We have our moon buggies, to be sure, but there’s one art which cannot be lost on our long journey, and that’s the art of outboard motor servicing. Boats in Melbourne need a little love ever now and then. Those who have dedicated their very lives to the advancement of this great craft. Their families have joined them on the journey of providing the best outboard motor services humanly possible, for generations. From the golden age of piracy to the current, modern era, their services for outboard motors have been peerless. So precious is their duty that many have trained from birth itself.

So you see, you might as well be asking to leave behind the ways of painting, or music, or the assembly of puzzles that have thousands of pieces and are of something really boring, so it makes them even harder and they take like forever.

And imagine if one day, we traversed the space outside our domes as if we were piloting ships through the stellar ocean. If you wanted to stop, you unroll your anchor winch and that’s you stopped. We shall go on cruises around the moon, cruises to Mars, or even beyond.

None of that will be possible if we jettison outboard motor servicing and repairs. Here in Melbourne, its value is recognised…and its absence in our new society will be sorely missed, I can assure you of that.