Alright, so the medieval theme wasn’t the best. In fact, I think everyone engaged with it even less than they did the cowboy theme, despite all the era-appropriate dress we provided for them to wear. And it’s not like the hierarchy system was in any way *unfair*. We made extra sure that the whole office rotated roles every week, so that some people got to be the queens and kings, and some had to be the squires and stable boys. You know, to keep it fair.

Good grief, I’m starting to think we need to get in touch with an office design expert in Melbourne and ask them frankly what we’re doing wrong. I mean, I THOUGHT we had this office design thing down, and we never even had to swap out a single chair. Instead, we just declared an office ‘theme’ and spent a few months adhering to it. We’re a workspace full of creatives, so I thought making everyone dress up like characters from the medieval era would be something they’d find fun, especially at work. Instead, it was just awkward. As I’ve mentioned, the Wild West theme didn’t go down all that well either, especially when we instituted a mandatory policy of referring to everyone as ‘pardner’, along with their best attempt at a southern American accent.

Yeah…really not sure what’s going wrong with the whole idea. I thought people loved themes! And look, I know this is just us trying to dodge the costs of office fitouts, so maybe the shabby surroundings of the office are getting people down, regardless of themed costumes. Maybe it’s time to splurge on a some real, office fitouts, to at least make the place more hospitable. Maybe get some proper air conditioning, and get rid of the dated carpet.

OR…we could try one more theme first! I just KNOW people are going to love sci-fi month. And a few lucky people even get to be space aliens, talking in a special gurgle language. Think of the creative boost!