It must have been in a fairly insane frame of mind that I decided to open a Pilates studio in my home. What a hectic undertaking! It’s finally starting to come together, despite some teething issues with separating the studio from my family’s living space. There’s only one more task to tick off my list before I can say I’m happy with its readiness for public presentation. 

The task in question is figuring out how to separate the reception and change room area from the main part of the studio. This is important, as I’ll be providing mostly private sessions, which people book because they want privacy, along with individual attention. At the moment I have a glass screen, which was adapted from an existing sunroom area of my house. It’s much too transparent, but I want to keep it because it works well in the space (also, I don’t have the budget to replace it with another material).

My current line of thought is to fit this glass panel with a decorative window film. Melbourne has plenty of options for this service, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make it happen. This would not only create a screen between the two spaces and privacy for my clients, but it would also be an opportunity for me to brand the space with the vibe of my business. If I can find a company that can cut custom designs into the film, I’ll be set. It might be nice to have some empowering patterns in the film, if that’s at all possible within my budget. 

Come to think of it, I should probably look into what’s involved in tinting house windows. Melbourne summers are darned hot and the winters are mighty cold, so it would be handy to find a tinting method that can function as a bit of a climate control mechanism. Importantly, though, it would also keep my client’s eyes out of my house. There’s only so much they need to know about me!