Another weird thing has happened that makes me doubt how fictional the Chronicles of Plumbing really are. For the first twenty years of my adult life, I was certain that the Chronicles of Plumbing were a collection of stories intended to scare children into treating the plumbing in their homes well. However now it seems like the stories could be real, on the account that something weird happened to me about a month ago, and now I’ve heard of something weird happening a couple of suburbs over.

There was another count of blocked drains in Northcote. They found a small amount of old and new children’s toys, but they also found remnants of clothing and pots/pans etc. that made it seem like people had been living down there. This was always mentioned in the Chronicles of Plumbing. I remember being terrified of ever sticking my fingers or hands down any drains because of the people that lived down there.

I obviously believed these stories when I was a young child because that’s what I was supposed to do. When I hit my teens I realised that the scary stories that were passed around between my friends and family weren’t true. But if you can’t tell, I’m questioning that now. It seems like all the stories that I brushed off as false are coming true, and very close to where I live.

I wonder what the drainage contractors in Melbourne think about all these weird things happening. If they weren’t a part of our inner circle of storytellers, I’m sure they’d be incredibly freaked out by what they’re finding. I’m freaked out too but that’s because I didn’t believe the stories. My friends and family don’t seem shaken or surprised at all, in fact, the only thing they’re surprised about is that stuff like this doesn’t happen as often as the stories said they did.