Note to the me of the future: five car doors is optimal. Five doors is most definitely the best amount of doors a car can have. I just had to make three trips to the rubbish dump before I got rid of all the junk, and I’m pretty sure I’ve destroyed my spine by shoving everything into the back seat. I had to bend awkwardly to get the really big stuff into the back seat, and I’m going to be ticked off with myself when I wake up with lower back pain in the next few days. At some point.

Should’ve known that not having enough doors would be the death of me. Had to go in for a car service near Leichhardt when I was there for the food festival, and I was concerned about that grinding noise coming from the engine. Turns out my crank shaft pulley was loose, which could’ve caused my whole car to fall apart at any point, but I was going to ask about the door thing anyway. Like, can you have doors installed? If someone decides that they want more doors, is that something that can be added to a car? I do LIKE my car right now, but I just feel like it can be improved by adding even more doors. I used to have a car with five doors and it was just so nice opening up the back and chucking things inside. One time I was going to a camp and it was just me in the car. Was going to be gone for give days and I just opened up the doors and threw everything inside, using my car as one giant suitcase. Easy.

Turns out that more doors on a car isn’t a thing. They offer a very efficient car air conditioning service in Bendigo, but otherwise you need to buy a new car if you want more doors. I do want that…but I’ve had so much work done on this one that it would seem like a waste. All my stuff is moved now. Maybe I should just take the back pain and learn to live with my door deficiency.