When we found the warehouse, the first thing I wanted to find out was how many solar panels I could possibly get on the roof. I was going into business for myself, and I knew from experience that energy overheads would be our most likely downfall. Commercial solar solutions needed to be at the top of my list of priorities.

I’ve managed restaurants many times before and I know that waste and expenses are always the make-or-break of a business- I wanted to be sure every possible aspect of running our own business would work in our favour. I wanted the best renewable energy solutions for my Melbourne business.

I knew there were some fantastic incentives out there for business owners looking to choose renewable energy, and I wanted to capitalise on those savings. As someone who has seen the energy bills for a huge warehouse like this before, I needed to be certain we could save on those bills wherever possible.

You see, I just couldn’t operate my clean and green business without solar and LED lighting. Of course the obvious stuff is there, it was going to save me up to 80% in energy expenses and at the same time, I’d never have to eat my words like I’ve seen so many other business owners do. For me, renewable energy was the first point of call.

Looking around for great companies was overwhelming at first, and that was even with the list of accredited industry legends I’d already researched. I narrowed down my choice to a company that a focused on getting excellent commercial results, and they impressed me no end.

I wouldn’t change anything if I had to do it again. In fact, I’d do everything I did all over again, because I feel like I got it 100% right. Im saving, business is going really well, and that one year lull I’ve been warned of is almost 18 months late. I got this.