It could just be me, but every time I see something needing doing around the house that’s beyond my ability, I just get this urge to go to a night course. Just a few weeks every Tuesday, something that fits into my schedule, that means I’m able to do it without anyone being called in to help.

Not enough hours in the day, though. And people are professionals for a reason: they’ve been doing whatever thing it is for a while and they know the craft much better than someone who did a quick course three years ago. So I suppose the residential glaziers in Melbourne have nothing to fear, because between looking after kids, erecting reinforced barriers to stop neighbourhood thugs from breaking in and stealing everyone’s cars, and running my business from home, I’m not too sure I have time to learn how to be a glazier.

Some of it looks easy, don’t get me wrong. I’m about 90% sure I could put a pane of glass in a window to an adequate degree, but you never know. I don’t want to feel all chuffed about doing something myself, only for a strong gust of wind to cause it to jump right out and shatter all over the kitchen floor. I spend enough time sweeping when a drinking glass breaks; I do NOT have time to deal with a whole pane of glass littering the floor in tiny, razor-sharp shards.

And that’s why glaziers exist…who knew? To stop you from DIY window disasters. Not to mention that I can’t afford for there to be any weaknesses in the house like that. Got to keep those windows in tip-top shape, and that means Melbourne’s best glazier professionals will be meeting their quotas.

Also, it’s still pretty cold. No windows means a fierce breeze that will chill you to the bone.