I’d always dreamed of having a beach house. And I never particularly wanted one, or thought it would actually happen- but isn’t life wonderfully strange? I recently bought a bayside beach house and I couldn’t be happier.

One of the first things I did want to alter was to install some glass balustrades. Melbourne designer homes are expressive and unique and I really want to make my own contribution.

I’ve always been very happy wherever I lived. When my children were younger, it was very difficult to have a lovely home, because children, as many will know, are sticky creatures with little else but exploration on their minds. If you, like me, have a penchant for white linen and an aversion to primary colours and flashing lights, then you will understand quite well how children can present very typical challenges. My children are all in their mid twenties now, and when they visit me, they are more likely to help me tidy than contribute to dysfunction. It will be lovely to have them stay in our new home. I should probably have mentioned how much I love a clean, crisp glass balustrade in a home entrance.

My new home has plenty to love, but one thing I’m unhappy with is the outdated entrance with the cast iron balustrade. We are talking about a brick rendered home, which is extremely minimalistic. The balustrade is very decorative, and I feel it takes away from what will otherwise be a delightfully simple home. So, I will have it ripped out and replaced with something stylistically timeless.

The theme stays, with the lovely clean lines and open living feel that makes everything feel fresh and keeps to the oceanic theme without calling on any gauche dolphins or maritime paraphernalia. I can’t wait to have a gardener come and assess the backyard so I can have it planned out with natives. And that’s about it. Otherwise, my home is simply perfect.