When Roger first proposed my instinct was to say no. For starters, we had only been together for three months, as well as that, he has two children and is twenty years older than me. His kids and the age difference won’t always necessarily stop me from marrying him but given our short romance as well I thought it was a little rash. I said yes anyway. He is LOADED. He had a beautiful garden lined with iceberg roses set up for after I said yes. He’d had all my favourite foods prepared and had a helicopter ready to whisk us off to a winery as soon as I was done eating. Oh good lord I was happy about those beautiful roses. Later that day he told me he was truly surprised I had said yes. I told him that I had considered all the reasons to say no but then I thought, screw it, let’s do this. I suppose most people would class me a gold digger, even Roger, but is it really so bad to count his richness as one of his many excellent attributes.

He is also extremely kind, handsome and funny. I love spending time with him in our rose garden. It just so happens I extra love spending time with him when it is on his super yacht or in Rome in his beautiful apartment. He’s the kind of guy that will see roses for sale and then buy the entire florist. I love his spontaneity. He asked if I was hesitant to say yes because of his age, and I said honestly Roger, the main issue was the kids. His kids are pretty great, I mean what seven year old wouldn’t be happy with a horse stables and adventure park to play in their very own back garden. I want to be a mum at some point so this is just training!