When you’re on the road, particularly at our age, a small ache or pain can lead to major delay if it’s not dealt with immediately. I’m not suggesting shelling out on health insurance for every cut and scrape but sometimes a visit to the doctor can prevent a hospital stay further down the line. My dear Freddie started complaining of foot pain a few days ago, not a rare occurrence so I didn’t take it too seriously. After all he has been walking around on those things for over 70 years now, they’re bound to hurt here and there! Not everywhere we go has the facilities to treat feet so I knew when we hit Melbourne to find the foot conditions clinic in Cheltenham. A friend of mine who used to live in Melbourne recommended it. Whilst I didn’t think Freddie’s moaning was the result of anything major I figured I would grant him the satisfaction of getting it looked over while we had the chance. He gets a little carried away with his old age ailments and had convinced himself he had a little shell stuck beneath his toenail from our seaside adventures at the coast a few days prior.

I had done a thorough inspection and found no such thing but he continued to warn me that he may just turn into an octopus if we don’t get to a doctor! I booked him an appointment with a podiatrist and told him to stop whining! I ate my words when the foot specialist told us it was one of the worst ingrown toenails Cheltenham had ever seen! He was able to reshape the nail and remove the ingrown section, it was all done very quickly and my husband said he felt immediate relief! Without treatment the nail could have become infected and we would have spent days in a hospital instead of clocking up more Km’s on the old van!