The pop-up is just about to open – bam! Everyone said that launching it before Christmas couldn’t be done, but here we are: two weeks out and ready to roll. Sure, it doesn’t leave a lot of time in which to do business with pre-Christmas shoppers, but I don’t need much time with my offering of rare and unusual cacti in decorative planters. It’s the perfect last-minute gift for just about anyone, honestly. I mean, there’s not much for kids in here, but it’s not like they’re hard to buy for anyway.

I only have one tiny qualm to sort out, which is that the area assigned for my desk cops way too much of the midday sun. If I’m going to be hanging around in here all summer long, I’m going to get totally blasted by UV rays. Curtains and blinds aren’t an option; they just don’t suit the aesthetic I’ve planned so carefully.

All morning, without a great deal of success, I’ve been vaguely researching commercial glass tinting services. Melbourne store owners, do you have any ideas? One of the builders told me about this UV-protective film stuff that you can coat your windows with; does anyone have experience with that? Whatever it is, it needs to have a pro finish and some pretty serious glare-reducing abilities.

If I was to opt for something like that, I guess I might as well go the whole hog and have some signage incorporated into it – surely there’s an option for decorative commercial window film. Melbourne is pretty competitive when it comes to seasonal shopfronts, so I really need to make mind stand out. White frosting is a bit too basic; I’d like it to be something different to the usual Santa stuff. Besides, I’m selling nothing but cactuses – snow is pretty far off-brand.

So, here’s a rundown of what I need: less intense UV light streaming onto my post, and windows that clearly announce the presence of my little shop in a way that reflects what I’m doing – namely, selling cactuses to your forgetful uncle to hand out to your cousins.