Trust Dinky-Dai Animation to take something most people know nothing about and transform it into a slam-bang anime with a budget large enough to buy South Melbourne. That’s around about where I’d estimate the budget, anyway. Enough to buy South Melbourne, but you’d probably struggle with either the East or the North. The West…well, it’s so hard to tell, with house prices going up and down all the time.

Why the sudden interest in the property market? Well, it’s all down to Dream Ladder Sale Sakura Kai, the new anime I was talking about. Once again set in Melbourne, property advocates and other housing professionals must fight against a wave of alien invaders wishing to purchase very large chunks of land and convert them into ugly high-rise apartment buildings that no one really needs, but will weaken Earth’s economy allowing the aliens to sell their overpriced intergalactic goods that you could probably find for half the price just by mining Pluto but oh no, we have no room to build industrial centres because all the good places have been taken by ugly high-rise apartment buildings!

Basically, the job of the property advocates and their allies is to preserve the good name of high-end properties in Melbourne by helping people to find and purchase them, much like they do right now. Encouraging people to buy high-end properties thus leaves space free for industry, and keeps Earth’s economy strong. Just like in real life!

The only difference between Melbourne’s buyers advocacy companies and the ones in the show are the semi-episodic battles they have with alien real estate agents. So far as I can tell, that almost never happens in real life. But then, that’s Japanime. Taking buyers advocates- and really, any profession- and making their work a bit more bombastic. 8/10, yokatta, could use more fleshed out villains though.