If I was SO incredibly lazy as to get an online essay generator to write my paper for me, you’d think I would’ve at least taken the time to proof-read it. Just have a bit of a read on the train. Maybe I should’ve glanced over it, or…looked at the title? After all, I had all that time on my hands that should have been essay-writing time, so I could’ve used a little bit of that.

Ha, nope. I’m just that lazy, and now I reap what I sow. Which is nothing. So I’m hungry, because…it’s how the analogy works, and it’s not…anyway.

Bathroom remodels, and How They Contributed to the Fall of the Roman Empire’. You’d think that would be the recipe for instant failure, but in our last tutorial the professor held me up as a shining example of how we can apply modern thinking to historical problems, and now he wants to talk to me after tomorrow’s class about my theories. So now I very quickly need to come up with deeper reasons to support my thesis that bathroom renovations and design were the reason that the Roman Empire no longer exists. Apparently the ones that I ‘wrote’ are quite compelling, so I guess I’ll just look over them and come to some sort of conclusion. Like…okay, bathroom renovations are a form of luxury. Mostly, if you’re struggling to pay bills, you don’t also get in a quality bathroom designer. The Roman Empire was struggling in its final days, but were obsessed with decadence because…they believed that it was their right, them being so powerful and awesome. They were losing territory to Genghis Khan, but still involved in a mass bathroom and kitchen renovation drive across all of Eastern Europe, because they had fooled themselves into thinking that it wasn’t a luxury and more or a matter of…stuff. Normal stuff.

It’s a start. Just need to expand by about 4000 words to make it sound legit.