As I write this I have a strong feeling that aliens are attempting to penetrate the building. I managed to secure the windows and doors which bought me some time but they are beginning to surrender under the alien’s power. They are incredibly strong. From what I have managed to see they are nothing like humans. They have features completely foreign to me. I have no idea what they see or hear out of, their seems to be no obvious sensory receptor. They do have some kind of entry point as they continue to take chunks out of my iceberg roses planted in the gardens. Flowers appear to fuel them. This taste for the natural makes me think they must have some kind of digestive system. They are consuming my iceberg roses at an alarming rate. They have gone through rows upon rows of daffodils, roses and even thistles in my garden. A few have even begun to dig up the soil.

Assuming they have come from an alien planet this could be a sign of plant life on other planets. They are working hard to break down the walls but it does not seem to be their only aim, they continue to take breaks and coat each other in soil. I cannot see any reason for this. I am leaving this note as both a reminder and a request. A reminder that I was in fact here and they did destroy me and a request that we get to know and understand the creatures that ended me. If I am a sacrifice on the long and bumpy road to discovery then I do so with pride and honour. Do not let these monsters get to you. Work with them. They have captured every last one of my standard iceberg roses and seem to have found a weak spot on the roof through which they can enter. I am done. Peace to my comrades. Goodbye.